Here's what some of my clients are saying about me..

"I came to Lisa in the midst of physical & emotional drama.  She created this safe, sacred space, and allowed all of me to be present.  After 5 minutes on the table with her magical blend of aromatherapy oils, I stopped trembling.  By the end of the session, I'd forgotten my woes, and felt a deep sense of bliss.  The comforting scent, her magic touch, her love, and her deep knowing of just what a soul needs, have healed me on many levels.  This is more than 'just a massage', this is healing at a soul level.  Thank you thank you!"

- Stacie Whitney, www.staciewhitney.com

"Having an hour Lomi-Lomi with Lisa is the best thing You can give Yourself. It amazes me each time how powerful it is and how it leaves me feeling incredibly centred, strengthened and lifted. Even better the long-term impact is magnificent."

- Jenny Zarins, photographer

"I have had the good fortune of having several glorious aromatherapy sessions with Lisa and I can say she is truly gifted.  Her massage and choice of oils are excellent and at the end of the session I do not want to leave.  I feel so relaxed and pampered.  Lisa combines all her years of experience into her massages and it is simply divine."

-Adrian Hutchins, Marketing Manager, Findhorn Flower Essences

"I have a monthly full body Lomi -Lomi massage from Lisa Sutherland, after her technique proved so fantastic at helping me manage the everyday stresses of a busy job. Regular treatment has really helped me to maintain an even keel and get rid of the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. I wouldn't do without it!"

- Katie

"Lisa’s ability to draw from her knowledge & experience of a broad variety of holistic treatments, together with strong intuition, allows each session to be tailored to individual need, focussed and encouragingly progressive.”

- John Moon

"I can really notice a difference, thank you. I am a lot calmer and felt more in control with my emotions and what direction I’m heading in, more at peace with myself I would say."

- Sophia Livette, Events Assistant

"Lisa's massages address the whole of you, and come from a place of deep listening and respect. For this reason alone, they are deeply healing and relaxing - but Lisa also has years of experience in a range of massage styles and is highly skilled. The combination is awesome!"

-Jonathan Young, Theatre Practitioner 

"Lisa has a really special intuitive way, I am always happy to arrive and she just knows the best treatment for me, whether it be a head massage, reflexology or Lomi - I feel very safe and nurtured. She has a wonderful way of reminding me of the importance of taking care of ourselves, especially when we wish to do the same for others and I'm grateful to have her looking out for me. I highly recommend her and am delighted to know her. " 

- Tara, Yoga Practitioner

"Lisa has a wonderful touch, her range of knowledge and vast experience combines to guarantee a blissful and thoroughly healing experience."

- Heather Ripley, Esalen Massage Therapist

I absolutely love coming for a massage at Lisa's wellbeing clinic. I feel utterly nurtured and nourished. Lisa creates a warm, safe space for you to unwind and let go. I am so grateful for this special, unique centre in Berkhamsted and would highly recommend it. Lisa is a gem.

- Olivia Mott

"I had a series of reflexology treatments from Lisa which I found helpful for my general wellbeing as well as treating some specific issues. She has a caring approach and is attentive and supportive in her sessions. She has found a home in the healing arts."

-Chris Brown

Lisa's reflexology treatments restore me to myself and balance me in a way that no other treatment can do. She has a wonderful touch and I am so grateful I have found her. We exchange treatments and I can only recommend Lisa as an expert practitioner.

- Janna Land, reflexologist

"Lisa combines a high professionalism with a relaxed informality in her therapeutic work. She brings the life-learnt skills of care, compassion and lightness to her massages and allows plenty of space for what needs to unfold.  As a seasoned 'India traveller' I have yet to have a better and more attentive Indian head massage."

- Pete Finch, Area Manager, Findhorn Foundation

I love going to Lisa for massages, as not only is her space calm and healing but her skill in reconnecting mind, body and soul is deep and powerful. She has an amazing technique with her massage and can connect with the body's energies in a very profound way. I always feel not only completely blissful after her massage but also uplifted and re-centred.

- Sian,  Acupuncturist

"I love Lisa's work, and her touch.  She combines gentle nourishment with fierce truth and unconditional loving support.  There is no hiding from deep self-reflective processes with Lisa, but there is the support that takes you into deeper healing - and through hurdles, shadows and internal challenges - into something precious far beyond.  I have found too, that the healing work that Lisa iniatiates - wether during a Reiki session, or one of her other therapies, continues far past the time her hands leave my body, and continues to surface even weeks later, leaving me with a sense of genle nourishment, reminders, and support when it is needed most. For me she is a continual inspiration in her work, her passion for this, her deep integrity and commitment, and I am grateful for her deep healing practise and the opportunity to receive from her."

- Morag Leiper, Reiki practioner, Antaneea Technique practioner & teacher, Soul Awareness & Deep Ecology work

Lisa is an excellent massage therapist and works with obvious experience, attention and care. Lisa takes time beforehand to cover background information which allows her to provide a personal and insightful treatment. I have always felt entirely comfortable during my massage treatments and afterwards have a delicious feeling of being in a very calm and relaxed place, mentally and physically. I have found Lisa’s massage treatment to be very helpful in moving out of a place of feeling mentally over-wrought to feeling much clearer and steadier and as a bonus, sleeping blissfully well for the following nights.  

- Barbara Dancer, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist.

"Lisa's deep work integrates so much wisdom from different traditions and sources, I know that it has supported me in my transition times and helped to heal and transform my life."

-Stephen Busby, Coach & Healing Practitioner
"The treatment was amazing! I felt so chilled and relaxed afterwards and feel great today. Thank you so much, it was wonderful."

- Laura Stivey , Beauty Therapist

"I have been a regular client of Lisa`s for the last 4 years and her massage skills never cease to amaze me! She knows exactly what my body needs and after a session I feel huge shifts have taken place in me on all levels. I would thoroughly recommended her Kahuna massage to everyone!!"

- S. Angus, Complementary Therapist


I felt awesome the entire weekend but then got my headache back on Monday. Will have to come again.

- Zoe Whittaker, Video Operator

"Lisa is a honey of a hands on healer. She has a real gift for knowing what the body needs, and for offering her medicine sweetly, skillfully, soulfully."

- Margot Henderson, Poet & Storyteller

"Lisa works with great sensitivity and empathy and provides a range of massage practices that I found very helpful whether looking for help with injury or just a deeply relaxing and nurturing experience."

- Celia McKenna

"Lisa has an uncanny and intuitive approach in her work. In our sessions I found my body responded and adjusted in a way that was far beyond my conscious understanding. It was as if she had a direct line of communication with my core truth and natural alignment. Every time, on leaving, I could feel my inner structure had taken on an easier shape, far more fluid than its normal default mode of tension and override."

- Estelle van Warmelo, Theatre Director

"I have received both reflexology and massage treatments from Lisa and cannot recommend her work highly enough!  I very much appreciate her professional and personal integrity and feel entirely safe in her skillful, magical hands.  She works with loving, joyful care, drawing intuitively from a wide range of skills and I always feel deliciously relaxed and full of well-being after each treatment."

Frances de Vries Robbé, R.N., Practitioner of Intuitive Therapeutic Massage and Esoteric Healing

"As a busy working mum, one thing I seem to have little time for is myself and my own well-being. Being able to create a time and space with Lisa to receive that healing touch which she always gives in a way that is exactly what I need has meant that  I feel cared for so deeply and then revitalizes me to return to my family refreshed and renewed after each session."

Kathy White, www.joyfulparents.co.uk

"Lisa has a very special gift of deep listening in her hands. With her sensitive touch I feel she can compassionately perceive everything that's going on in my body and my being. And she has a great treasure chest of techniques and tools with which to respond, so each treatment - rather than following a generic recipe - is uniquely suited to whatever I really need at the time. Lisa's way of working comes from a place of deep awareness, which helps increase my own awareness of how I am in my body and what patterns I need to be releasing. By asking me for my intention at the start of each treatment, she engages my whole self in this process of healing and transformation. I am a musician and a dancer, and I really appreciate that Lisa approaches my body with great respect, as something sacred which her healing touch can repair and restore.  She is my favourite massage therapist!"

- Laura Shannon, Dancer, Teacher and Musician

"Lisa has a wonderful skill of tuning in to exactly what my body needs. She gives the best massages I've ever had and creates a warm, nurturing environment from start to finish. I recommend her aromatherapy massage as she blends the oils perfectly every time to support my needs."

- Pam Machin, Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist

"I have been visiting Lisa for many years and am hugely appreciative of her deeply incisive healing and therapy, on not just the physical level. Couldn't recommend her more highly!"

- Ruaraidh

"I feel blessed to have experienced Lisa's healing touch from my head to my toes - quite literally! Indian Head Massage to Reflexology sessions, my body has been blissfully revived with her strong yet gentle touch. I value the sense of safety and support I have felt during our sessions - Lisa is a deeply caring therapist who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

- Shirley Barr