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Sweet Heat Winter Warmer Hot Stone Treatment

Tired of that grey damp in your bones?

Banish the blues with a  sweet heat winter warmer hot stone treatment

Muscles hunched against the cold cause tension and fatigue.

Hot Stone Therapy uses the heat of warmed stones  to penetrate tight muscles and seep deep into the body.

Placed on hands and feet,  they stimulate all the essential reflex points to fire up sluggish systems.

Used in addition to a back massage, they iron knots and sooth bound muscles.

£55 for 1 hour treatment
until the end of March 2017


From Toes to Tip

Special Offer






From Toes to Tip is a session designed to give you the robustness we all need to thrive amongst the changes and demands of the Autumn season.

25 minutes of a Reflexology to stimulate the reflexes in the muscles and joints, that may ache and those that correspond to the immune system to help you combat those seasonal nasties.

25 minutes of Back, Shoulder, Neck and Head Massage, Lomi style, using a special blend of essential oils, to soothe muscles cramped into the cold, ease breathing and invite the cosiness and peace in.

Plus an atomised Essential Oil Fragrance to combat airborn, respiratory related symptoms.

Cost: £55  (additional £5 at Bagnall)

Duration: 60 minutes


To BOOK Contact:
Lisa Sutherland
079 00546 817;

Revitalise, Refresh, Renew: 6 Reflexology Sessions

I have had such success with this Spring REFLEXOLOGY OFFER, I am choosing to continue it till May end and hope that you will make this essential investment in your vitality.

These sessions are specially designed for people with symptoms of HORMONAL IMBALANCES: menopause, irregular/painful menstruation, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, emotional imbalances etc.

They are also recommended for anyone FEELING SLUGGISH physically and emotionally.

6 sessions for £200 if paid for upfront; £50 for first and £35 for further 5 if paid for individually. First session is 1 hour, the rest 35-45 minutes.

£225 if paid for individually.

Mother-to-Be Treatment Support Package: 4 Treatments at £185

Let's face it pregnancy comes with it's own sets of challenges. It is a time of mixed emotions as the body adjusts and prepares itself for the marathon of birth and parenthood.

I have created an PREGNANCY MASSAGE that blends elements of  Indian Head Massage and Lomi-Lomi (I can mix a specific aromatherapy oil blend too.) This PREGNANCY MASSAGE can soothe aches and pains, release worries and bring mother and baby into tender alignment.

I also offer a PREGNANCY REFLEXOLOGY protocol designed to optimise vitality, and target specific pregnancy symptoms as well as help prepare the body for imminent birth.

I treat several pregnant women and they often walk away wanting more. That is why I have set up this NEW MOTHER-TO-BE TREATMENT SUPPORT PACKAGE. It gives the mother-to-be the choice of 4 treatments throughout her pregnancy. It allows her to chose to treat symptoms that are affecting her quality of life,  to enhance and celebrate her role as a parent and to prepare her for birth.

The perfect gift requested by many mothers-to-be