Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can benefit almost every system in the body and can work on the psychological level as well.


There is growing scientific evidence relating to the effectiveness of massage. 

I offer several different styles of massage therapy, and they all share some incredible benefits.

In order to help you choose what form of treatment you would prefer or what aspects you would like to incorporate in your treatment, please explore the pages listed below to see the types of massage therapy I currently offer.

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage 

Aromatherapy Massage

Indian Head Massage

Remedial Massage


On the physical level massage may:

·     relieve muscular tension, stiffness, aches and pains

·     encourage muscular co-ordination

·     stimulate circulation: both blood and lymph

·     speed up the elimination of waste products

·     oxygenate and nourish every cell in the body

·     stimulate digestion

·     encourage the production of pain killing and 'feel good' hormones

·     improve the texture of skin

·     stimulates the immune system supporting the body to heal  itself



On the emotional level massage may:


·     increase awareness of own body

·     promote healthier body image

·     Promote a feeling of physical well being

·     soothe, reassure, and thus relieve anxiety

·     build compassion, trust and confidence in oneself

·     through inviting relaxation feelings of increased vitality and awareness and can occur through improved sleep


My introduction to massage practice was in Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi and it is from this foundation that I base my massage style. I have since then explored other massage styles and will use aspects from all these different practices to create a treatment that best serves you.


If you are looking for a treatment that is energetic, please see my reiki page.

If you want to clear blockages in your meridians or have a specific area that needs work, please see my reflexology page.

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"Lisa is a honey of a hands on healer. She has a real gift for knowing what the body needs, and for offering her medicine sweetly, skillfully, soulfully."

-Margot Henderson, Poet & Storyteller