Clinical Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy combines the healing power of potent plant essences with gentle massage touch.


Scents have the power to transform our emotions and heal our bodies. Aromatherapy uses the medicinal qualities of extracted plant essences.

These essential plant oils help promote health and are also effective in treating dis-eases, from stress to physical pain.

All the oils have therapeutic properties and can be tailor-made for any illnesses or conditions of the body.

Essential oils can be used to bring healing to many ailments in various ways: massage, diffusers/burners, atomisers/sprays, compresses and also in your bath.

Aromatherapy massage is gentle and flowing but firm and extremely relaxing, helping your skin absorb the essential oils blended together to treat your specific requirements.

For me, aromatherapy massage combines healing touch with the wisdom of plant medicine and is a beautiful way to welcome healing and nourishment to mind, body and spirit.

Aromatherapy Helps to…

                Soothe chronic pain
                Increase energy levels
                Release fluid retention
                Balance Sleep patterns
                Aid Digestive problems
                Balance Emotional problems
                Balance Hormonal problems (e.g. PMT)
                Relieve Headaches
                Calm Skin disorders


To enhance your Aromatherapy treatments between sessions, I can blend oils for you to use in the shower, bath, inhalation or in self massage.

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Allow the fragrant realm of plant energy to nurture you.


"I came to Lisa in the midst of physical & emotional drama.  She created this safe, sacred space, and allowed all of me to be present.  After 5 minutes on the table with her magical blend of aromatherapy oils, I stopped trembling.  By the end of the session, I'd forgotten my woes, and felt a deep sense of bliss.  The comforting scent, her magic touch, her love, and her deep knowing of just what a soul needs, have healed me on many levels.  This is more than 'just a massage', this is healing at a soul level.  Thank you thank you!"

- Stacie Whitney, Holistic Health Coach